Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Little Miss Misty & Caleb Too-A Little Rhyme Just 4 U!

Here is a poem and a story thrown into one
(it isn't that great of a poem-I will warn you)
~Little Miss Misty~
Little Miss Misty lay on the couch,
knowing that she was in the way.

She saw the little boy who caused many ouches,
but knew that she loved him anyway.
She leaned over to him as to say hello,
and it seemed that she didn't want him to go.
But alas he was called to get ready for bed,
so she stayed and purred for me instead.
Then along he came, the Master of the House,
It was owners spouse.
Misty saw that he was near, but figured there's nothing to fear.
He would be nice, friendly and kind,
Surely he would see that this couch is mine.
But it was not so, and sad it seemed
As he slowly sat down, she thought she was going to be creamed
Her purr turned into a grubble as if to say
Why did you sit here, I wasn't in the way!
She wasn't very happy,but that is how they play!!!
Don't you worry, She'll get him back someday;)

As you can see he didn't really sit on her-but it sure made for a funny picture!!!
Hope you enjoyed my pictures, my story with rhyme-
hope you don't wait too long, till you come back next time:)

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