Thursday, July 22, 2010

Linky Party-A Few Things I've Made

Hahaha-I guess he is something that I've "helped" make:)
God did most of the work....He gets full credit here.

There is a Link Party going on over at Tea Rose Home. She asked people to share something that they have made so I wanted to show her my purse and the tie that I made for Boy Wonder. Have something that you've made? Come share it over at the Tea Rose Home-just click on the link:)

Hope everyone has a wonderful and crafty day.......:)

For me-Caleb's Birthday is on Tuesday he's turning 5*snif*-so I am off to work on making his new vests-hopefully I'll get a chance to post them when I am done:) Have a beautiful day-I know I am going to:)

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