Monday, July 12, 2010

Greg's Sermon -What Nation Hath God So Nigh?

Share it with as many folks as you can.
Here is the sermon that God gave Greg-it is so good!!! Click Here to listen. It talks about America and the proper placement of Government. He studied so hard for this and it is just so good-I am sure that you will be blessed by it!
Some Highlights(not all quoted per word):
"Purpose of govt is to secure our govt has the right to take away our liberty-because our liberty comes from God."
"The reason for the bill of rights was to make sure that govt rememebers were our libety come from...there job is to secure our liberties not to grant them.It was to remind them that our liberty came from God."
"Some think that our Liberty comes form Govt. They are wrong, our Liberty comes from God"
"We must remember where we came from..."
"Our president has made a statement abroad that America is not a Christian nation..."
Many statements that many prominant men had said are included in this sermon-it really a sermon that should not be missed but spread throughout each church. I hope you enjoy!

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