Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday Again, But Lots Of Fun!

*****This is the Most recent Fabric Flower That I've Made-Love the Design of the Fabric on It-Favorite Design so Far******

******Here is the book I found for Caleb for 50 cents!!! Wonderful price and a Really Great Book!!!*****

****Here is His Village-He Puts These Up By Himself Of Course:Notice The Power lines.....These are Bungee Straps:)He Is Very Creative!!!****

*******After the Park and Feeding the Squirrels We Went and Found Us Some Train Tracks To Take Some Pictures. Our Super Energetic One Couldn't Stand Still But They Are Cute Pictures Anyways:)******

*******A Train Was Down the Way From Us So He Kept Watching It. They Were Unloading It At the Refinery*****
***We Had Fun Shopping and Reading Books, Feeding Squireels, Seeing Trains,Playing, Talking and All That Great Stuff-Praising the Lord for His Gift!!!!***

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