Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My "Wish List & Goals"*With Some updates:)5-29-10

I figured that I would make a list of the things I would like to purchase and save my money up for-at least being on here I won't loose the list-hahaha-I'm so good at loosing my lists....anyways here it goes:

I would like to purchase each of these patterns from I just purchased these due to their wonderful sale going on--Thank you Jennie!!!! Those folks over there are very kind and very generous!!!!!Thank you again Jennie!!!!!
Elegant Ladies Closet Pattern
Underpinnings Pattern
Regency Spencer and Pelisse Pattern

Then I would like to purchase from Joanns(with coupons!!!No full price for me;)):

Bias Tape Tool-Probably one in each size-they don't seem to have online what they have in store they aren't too expensive either. I also purchased the 1" bias tool today-thanks to Joann and 40%off coupons;) 5-29-10 I just purchased the other tool today also-the 1/2" one:)

Embossing Powders because they are limitless on usefulness I just got these today too-not the 24 pack but four of the favorite colors so that I can try them:)5-29-10

I would also like to get a Dressform--hoping to find one that is used. Maybe I will be able to get one for free (I know I hear it in my head Cheap,Cheap,Cheap) or at a really low in cost.

I am also looking at yard sales and garage sales for
jars of misc. buttons
rubber stamps(scrapbooking)
stamp ink pads that work

I think that is all right now-as a goal for saving up my money...I am now going to check out the other patterns at what else I like...hee hee;)

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