Monday, May 24, 2010


Thomas and Caleb
Thomas and Caleb spend-hours of time together building huge train landscapes with electricity:). He loves trains so much that when we ask him to put them away he cries...but reluctantly he puts them away; like an obedient boy should. He constantly checks the back yard when the trains go by and gets all upset if he misses a single one. He is the most energetic little one we know. He is so sweet and loves to help-"Mommy can I dust? Mommy can I help you make that cake?" and so on. This little guy is often sitting looking at the train books-making noises as he turns each page and points to the different train pictures. Often, you can hear him saying "Haraboom Haraboom Harboom" as he turns the page. I am told that that is the sound that slow trains make-fast ones sound like this(don't think that I can figure out a way to spell this though) then he says that the really fast trains he can't make a noise for them-they are just too fast. He is so adorable!!! My little train lover!!! And one day-he might not like trains as much-so for now I am going to enjoy them with him-he always asks if I like trains, do you know what I tell him? "Of course, I do!" And he asks me why I like trains, and I tell him: "Because you like trains and I love you, so naturally I like the things that you like!" And with a smile he runs off to make some more train sounds. Who knew not just the pitter patter of feet would make me smile but also the sound of "Haraboom".

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