Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This post is for my mother (or anyone else who is interested)

I have some new recordings

go to the website:

Look on the side we have a listing for gospel music

Look at:

Specials Done In Church:

For the Beauty of the Earth(Flute)
God Leads us Along (Flute and Jimmy on Guitar)
I Know who Holds Tommorrow(The Men Singing-it is really good!)
In Christ Alone(singing)
Speak His Name(singing)
Take it to the Lord in Prayer(Jane singing-I am playing the Piano)
The Disciples Followed Jesus(Greg-excellent job!!)
The Love of God (Piano)
Till The Storm Passes By(singing)
Calebs Favorite is Nanna and Poppa's song Who Killed Jesus

**Remember I am not a professional I just enjoy music very very much. The Lord has been so gracious to allow me to teach myself piano and all the glory and praise goes to Him. I had lessons in singing and flute. I have been playing the flute for about 17-18 years, singing since I was born, and piano for less than a year.Like I said before the Lord is just so good and I love music and I am so greatful that I can praise Him with all forms of music!!

You should check out our orchestra too!! We just got some new music for orchestra it has some nice arrangements.

We have five memebers in our group:


Then this is under church orchestra:

Here is the name of our new songs:

Draw Me Nearer
Worthy Is the Lamb

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