Friday, January 16, 2009

This was the last picture that I took on my new camera. Caleb wanted to see his picture and grabbed it out of my hands and it fell. So we are back to the old finicky camera for the time being.
He is showing me how big he can open his mouth.

Caleb taking his picture-should not be doing that(little sneaker!)
A tisket a tasket my son in a basket...see how much help I get with the laundry. Here wait a minute I did not take that picture! That little boy of mine!!! But boy did he do a good job taking his picture?!
This will be a little bit backwards-blogger loads pictures a little weird I have yet to get use to it. But we will start the pictures at the semi-end and work to the beginning.
My shelves in my basement were starting to get issue's and some were collapsing and dumping my things on other shelves-it was a big mess. Well, my Father-in-law was here and he said that he could help build me new shelves. I was quit excited. Well, they went home the next day.
On that following Monday he was working on their barn that they are building on the 10 acres. He was putting plywood(I think) up on a 10ft(?) ladder and the plywood board started to shift so he quickly jumped off the ladder (8ft drop remember) unto the ground the piece of plywood came down. He protected himself with his wrist but it broke it and the board had cut his head. He went to the emergency room and they had to do surgery on him last Friday to put some stabilizing pins in his wrist.
The Lord was really watching out for him! They said that if that wood would of hit him on the head alone it probably would have killed him. We are so thankful for God's hand of protection on him! Just so thankful...
So with dad out of commission and my shelves falling apart-my Dear Husband agreed to make them for me. He is so sweet! He has done such a great job too!! So I took pictures of his handiwork, so you could see how great they look! So without further ado..(remember the pictures are backwards)
Shelf number five!

Shelf number four!

The boys sitting on the third shelf

Shelf number three!

Shelf number two!
Shelve number two
Hubby testing the weight-he is so cute!!

Shelf one and stabilizers

Shelf number one! And the stabilizer boards!

The beginning of the shelving
Number one helper to Daddy

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