Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Weekend in Pictures

Here is a picture of my wobbly shelves that I had before-we had such a mess and I had to use bungee cord to hold them together. I made it work and I was thankful to the Lord for providing them for me, but I am so, so happy with my new shelves!!!

Isn't it lovely?!! Looks so much more cleaner!!!

********On Saturday I took a sewing project on:

I found a shirt with Dr Pepper written on it and I thought that the shirt would make a perfect apron/"manpron" for my little guy. I have felt bad that the only aprons that I have are girlie ones and Caleb loves to help make things in the kitchen so I made my little guy his own "manpron".

It took me about an hour to make it for him-I just made it off the top of my head-I think it turned out quite well!

*****My parents had purchased Caleb two little houses for his trains to drive around, and some people for the houses. Well, Kmart had their decorative items on 90% off so I purchased three homes for him to have and the people to go with it. These houses were originally $29.99!!!(I can't believe that people actually bought them for that price!!!) Well, I ended up doing some deals and ended up with three houses and tons of trees and people for $2.99!!!(maybe less). So basically I got the two houses, trees, and people for the price of one house on clearance!!!
The dinosaur was there to eat the people-sigh...boys... can't live without them of course(grin!!!)

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