Friday, September 26, 2008

Catch up2

By the time we were done with Washington the kids were so tired: as you can see

After my family left on Wednsday Greg's parents came on Thursday to visit and take Caleb home with them for the next week(we had teen camp).

We went to deleware at the C&D canal. It was really neat to see the big canal bridge.

lft to right: Mom, Dad and Caleb(picking up rocks to through into the water)

lft to right: Hubby, Caleb, Mom and Dad

Then on Saturday Mom and Dad took Caleb for a week.
Monday we left for Mount Moriah for teen camp.
The kids had fun-One of them received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!
It was a great week!! Of course by now Greg and I were exhausted. And ready to get a break...

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