Friday, September 26, 2008

Catch up1

This will be out of place on the blog so the September will be first and June will be last.

Hello Folks-I know I know-Who am I and where have I been?!

Answer all over the place!!!

This is what our months have been:
*End of June-Vacation Bible School-great and we had fun
*July- My family came for my Birthday the big 27! I still can't believe it!!

Pictures from when my family came:

From Right to Left:My Precious Son (Caleb), Nephew(Jacob) and Niece(Katlynne)

We went to Philly on Saturday and rode on the carriages

From Adults Left to Right- My brother Stephen, my sister in law Jessica, and my Dad
Then kids lft to rght Jacob(nephew), Caleb, and Katie(niece)-my mother doesn't like her picture taken so....she is taking their picture while I took one with our camera.

Then we went to Washington D.C on Monday(Long weekend-but fun!)

Isn't she just so cute?! She is mostly always so smiley!

The family outing to DC

Left to Right -My Dear Husband, brother, nephew,neice(hidding in stroller) Jessica, and mom

Two are missing but here they are at the Supreme Court building:

My dad and Caleb

We had fun! It was the first my family had been to Philly and DC! They really enjoyed it!

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