Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Favorite CVS Shopper!!

My Favorite Little CVS Shopper!!!
(He is my favorite only because Greg would rather not go shopping with us-which is okay-He is so busy as it is)

He was pretending to be sleeping.

It amazes me that he can even fit in there!

Well, I guess he doesn't exactly fit...

I am not looking at you Mommy...

Still not looking..

He is my best shopper! He is so patient...sometimes:)
My totals for this week in CVS is $236.84 dollars worth in items and I "paid"(with gift card) $2.69 oop (out of pocket)-Not too bad!

God has been very good to us! All praise and glory goes to Him! He has provided everything from our needs to our wants!!!

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