Friday, April 18, 2008


Hello! It has been a while since I have written-we have been so busy with life-but we have definitely been enjoying ourselves. Let see-where to begin??

Well, I have been busy with our little camera so here are some pictures-hope you enjoy them!

Here is Caleb at Walmart-they have a pay per ride horse outside-and he knows that if he is good and we have enough time he can "ride" the horse. I do not believe that we have put any money towards a ride-he is just as happy to sit and pretend. "Yeee-haw!" he says as he sits on top. He likes to pet the horse also, this is a thank you for allowing him to have a great ride.

Dinner -stuffed shells in my nice blue pyrex dish (thank you mom!). Those are my favorite-favorite color-and favorite dish-it is so easy to clean!!!

Well, I have some shelving to take care of in my "store"- "Down Below". So hopefully I will have a chance to share some adventures tonight. Until then-All My Love

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