Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sunday went well. I played the piano again for a friend that was singing a solo at church. This Sunday I will be playing again-piano solo. I am so amazed on how I have been picking up on playing the piano. The Lord has "taught" me everything that I know. Of course, I have my own style of playing so I am not yet playing during church. I am hoping to get piano lessons in the near future. You can only teach yourself so much...

Today was a good day-Gregs folks are with us this week. Caleb has been having more "sad" issues since they are working at the church most of the time-usually dad is working on something here at the house and he can see him everytime he would like. But, now things are different-it eill be okay though because today dad will be finished so it will be play time for them today and tommorrow:)

Mimi was having problems the other day with not feeling well- for those that did not know she had carpal tunnel surgery-I think a week or two ago. Her "syptoms" seemed a lot like an oncoming heart attack but nothing happend( Praise the Lord). She had said that she was feeling better. Hopefully everything will be okay-have not heard otherwise.

Jess is surviving the Gallbladder issue-it is not fun I am sure. Baby is doing well-Jacob is adjusting, and Stephen still has been going to work everyday!!!I am so proud of him!!!

My parents had a scare the other day-they had 4 inches of ice the other day and while on his way to work a tree limb fell on my dads car and crushed it. But the Lord was watching out for my dad-he was fine. So sadly though all the cars within my parents driveway has issues. Smooshed roof-dropped line(I am not sure exactly-hey I am just a girl-ask me about shopping and I can tell you just about anything-LOL) and a whole bunch of other things wrong with the other cars. Five cars and not a one that is in great working.

Well, this seems like a good bit of catch up any other questions jsut comment me.

Love to all

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