Monday, March 3, 2008

Savings should be my middle name...

Well, the Lord has blessed us so much this year! We have been watching our spending in order to finish paying off the new roof, floor, car, and other spending that we have done. We believe that we might be able to pay all off by the end of May. We have been so blessed from the Lord. Last year in October the Lord allowed me to understand how to use coupons to our benefit. And we have earned so many "free to pennies only" groceries.

Utilizing our resources and gathering coupons we have so much to be thankful for!!! The Lord has taken care of us so much!

Here are some pictures to show you what I am talking about:

Here we have about 200 cheese sticks that we have "received" for free.
These are a couple of the boxes-the rest are in the freezer for future use

Then a store by us had a deal that if you purchased 25 certain items on their 2,000 item list you would earn a $20 Catalina to spend on your next grocery purchase-so away I went with Caleb in his favorite car cart and we spent $17.00 to earn a $20 OYNO (On your next order). So then we took our new twenty dollar Catalina and purchased 25 more items, earned another $20 "rinse and repeated" a couple of times-we shopped till we dropped!!!! It was fun
So here we have a picture of some of the items we "purchased":

When I finished we had over a thousand dollars worth of groceries for about $45.00. But the Lord went further at being good to us and the store handed me back $40.00 in cash because their system had issues printing out the Catalina deal. So everything cost about $5.00. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! FOR SURE!!!!! Needless to say we are exhausted this week after all that excitement.

If anyone needs some frosting I have it! I have about 188 Betty Crocker Frosting's-that will help take care of any weddings or funerals for this year for sure!!!! Don't you worry, I have shared some with my friends-I can only make so many cakes! :)

But, as you see the Lord has blessed us so much! No one has any idea how much He has blessed us! It is overwhelming to see how much He cares for us like this! We have no need- and our wants are taken care of also! This is just a peak of the mountain of blessings. And this is usually the way it is every time I purchase groceries-I usually save anywhere from 100%-85% on each grocery bill. Once again I can not say it enough-the Lord is so good!!

I have earned the title of Coupon Lady by so many stores. We just need to break it up into Coupon Savings Lady-hmmm-I guess Coupon Lady has a better ring to it:)

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