Monday, December 17, 2007


Hello!!! It has been almost a whole month since I have last written. Things have been quite busy around here!!! This week will be soooooooooo busy!!!!!! We have choir practice three times this week, caroling on one of the nights, discipleship, shopping, practicing the piano, a little of this and a little of that...busy,busy,busy!!! I just found out that my soon to be nephew #2 is actually going to be niece#1. Jess has been very sick with her gall bladder disease so they might take the baby early next month. Keep her and my brother, Jacob and baby in your prayers please, maybe God will do something wonderful in their lives.

I played the piano in front of the church on Sunday! It turned out very well, I messed up but it was so wonderful!!!!Keep me in your prayers as I continue to teach myself how to play. The Lord has been good to me as I have been practicing about 4-5 hours every week. It is slow but surely I will get it-our church needs a piano player desperately!!

Well, I can not think of anything else to update with-so until next time...
love to all!

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