Saturday, December 22, 2007


Caleb and his new latest "tricks" they are as follows:

1. Fill the "white throne" with tp and flush it so that it overflows-that isn't too bad for cleaning up but the problem is that he keeps on flushing until I come in to find him-Moral learned-lock bathroom door.

2. Eating Candy corn through the nose-this trick always fails! And usually leads to crying because "it stuck!". Moral-never leave him alone with candy corn-you will find yourself either needing to pull out an object or else you will find that he ate all of them.

3. Going to my keyboard and singing "Jesus" on the top of his lungs.(Nana taught him to sing and play Jesus loves me on the keyboard) Moral-Jesus is the important to him-even at this age.

4. Telling everyone "No" when they ask him if Santa Claus is coming to his home-But, he always tells them "Baby Jesus". Moral- "Baby Jesus is the most important thing about Christmas".

5. Stickers-they are a lot of fun especially when you stick them to the roof of your mouth. For some reason they seem to stick more when wet then when they are dry. Moral- Stickers are for putting on paper not for putting in mouths.

6. Caleb has two Christmas trees-at least this is what he thinks-the little one in the house is his(thought I was the one who bought it and put it up and decorated it) and the little one in our yard out front(once again, i was the one who bought and dug the hole in which to bury it. And I also did the decorating) Moral-What is Caleb's is Caleb's what is yours is Caleb's.

7. Singing loudly and proudly-Our Christmas cantata is Sunday and we have been listening to the CD every time we are in the car-so when it comes time for Gloria in excelesis deo, Caleb sings right along with it-it is the cutest thing. He sings Glo o o o o o o o o o o o ria, incels do. Moral-keep teaching him to sing and he will do it-pretty good too for a two year old.

8. If you let "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" play once, chance are you will need to repeat it many,many,many times-over and over again and again! That is one of his favorite songs to sing. Moral-Caleb wants a hippo for Christmas-actually my mom bought him one:)

9. If Caleb covers his eyes he becomes invisible-that is until he runs right into the wall-it is pretty funny when he does this-he just laughs and laughs. Moral-Walls are still there even when you become invisible.

Well, there are nine of his "tricks". Hope you enjoyed reading and got a laugh too.

Until then,
Love to all

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