Sunday, August 12, 2007


This is my first blogging. I do not know how it will go. The reason why I am starting this blog is so that all of our family can enjoy events and things that happen even when (sadly) they are not here. Being so far away from all our family is hard on us, but we know that the Lord is here and this is where he wants us to be-for right now. Maybe down the road we will move closer to home.

Church went well this evening. Caleb got to go try out the new class that he will start in September. They learned about Daniel and the lions den, he made a paperbag puppet and they must have showed him how to use it because he put his arm right in and made the mouth part do it's thing. He is so cute!!

Well, Greg is not feeling well-not sure if it is tonsilittis or strep. Hopefully the doctor can give him something to help him feel better. My throat is not feeling good either-hopefully I will not get sick too.

Well tomorrow is home-blessing day-but I already cleaned the home frontier so I will be working on painting our bed room, Caleb's room, and the play room for the next couple of weeks in hopes of having it done before family comes. Well, I must go it is 11:11 P.M. lots of sleep needing to be done.

As for our families out there -We love you lots!!

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