Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Hello-Today is Tuesday,I did not get a chance to write yesterday because I was painting our Master Bedroom. Only about half a days work to go and I will be finished,then onto Caleb's room.

My mom sent Caleb the coolest toy,they are called fireflies. If you let them sit in the sun for a few hours they soak up the sun and glow for about three hours at night. Well, Caleb is constantly handing me one of my quart jars and asking for bugs. So last night I set out the "fireflies" and put them into his jar for bedtime. He happily agreed for his lights to be turned out so that he could see them glow. I checked on him before we went to bed he still had that jar in his hand! He likes them a lot. I took them this morning and set them out so that he can have them tonight, he agreed that this was a good idea.

Besides painting and fire-flying that is how are days have been.

I must go because our shopping day is today and it is getting late so I must leave.

Love to all the family.

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