Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shark Attack and A Penguins Scorn

I Snagged this photo at 

Ripley's Aquarium 

in Tennessee.

Talk about fun!!

Have you gone to this Aquarium?

We saw a whole bunch of cool things.

I will have to post more photos later.

They had a few "spy" tunnels that the kids

and adults could climb in to observe the

animals closely.

We ended up in the Penguin room.

Phew! Their "Spy" Tunnel was

a little stinky.

My guess is 

that they don't clean it all that often.

And those grubby 

fingerprints on the glass....

(I cringe at the thought...

grubby little hand-prints, everywhere!

Who knows what and where those hands

have been!
I hoped after this experience that there was 

some heavy duty sanitizer,

 somewhere in that building)


The hardest part for me

was getting in the tunnel 

and touching the nasty floor.  

You see..

I was scheduled for knee surgery, 

and I hadn't had it just yet.

So "crawling" through the smelly; make you 

gag tunnel, was a little difficult.

I had to scooch down the tube 

on my  derriere.

Course the trip back feet first was harder 

than the trip up.

On may way back out-I had caught the 

attention of one of the penguins.

He was staring me down, and watching every

move I made.

I felt ridiculous...

I could just feel him mocking me...

in that penguin type tone...

If he could talk;

I am sure he was dying to tell me:

"Don't scooch, slide on your belly!!"

"Slide lady, slide!!!"

It felt like it took me 20 minutes

to get out of that smelly tunnel.

And I did feel embarrassed.

How can a little penguin make me

feel so embarrassed?!

Was it worth every inch I dragged myself?  

I don't know!

 I still haven't seen my

"better up close" photos yet.

Life happens and it creates stories.

Mine just happen to be different, and usually

a challenge,
and it is always interesting
(to my family)
to see what is going to happen to me 
like the time I went fishing and sunk my reel
but that is a story for another time.

Do you have a funny story that happened at 

an aquarium?  I would love to hear about it!

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