Sunday, September 4, 2011

Internet will be down...

I am posting this so that-you don't think I disappeared...
We will be without Internet for a few weeks
but I promise that as soon as it is back up-

I will catch you up to everything that has happened...

Of course, if I can snag some service here or there..I will do my best to keep you informed
of our busy little lives-haha

I am hoping to have many many photos for you...and maybe a few other things.

I have a giveaway that I would like to do shortly as well.
We will see as time passes.

I hope everyone has a good couple weeks that I am gone off line....

Once school starts I will have access from there when I am off duty-

and I can also get it from the church...
These next few weeks will just fly by-hahah so I hope...
I plan on enjoying my Internet free days..maybe I will get some more sewing done
I will miss you!!
Thank you for your continued prayers!!
My love to all!!

{P.S.-I might go ahead and schedule some posts

so that you have something to read while I am gone.}

1 Lovely Comments:

Pam said...

Enjoy your time "off"! You will be missed! Can't wait till your back! Love you!!