Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prego Diaries June 28....and a little Lydia diary :)

Latest craving.......

Teddy Grahms!!!!!{Original kind}

Oh they are so good!!!! 

Momma likes, baby likes...were all good here!! 

Oh, I got my test results back..hcg went up to 955 {was 60 two weeks ago}

 and my progestrone is still very high at 53.5...so it looks like all is well...

My first exam is this Thursday...

Can't wait to hear the heartbeat:)  and possibly see the little munchkin!!!

I have been very tired but my iron count is great....so it is just normal baby tired haha.

Besides that...we are doing well.

And I still am so very, very thankful to God to bless us with two little ones

to grace our home!!

It seems so surreal...we can't wait to get Lydia in Sept!!!

Boy Wonder and I were looking at the "pregnancy" pictures of Ellie {Lydia's Birth mom}

He said, "We love you Lydia!!  We can't wait to see you!!"

It was so precious to see him show love for his little sister to be!

He is so excited and can't wait to read to her and hold her on his lap.

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