Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adoption Diaries April 6 and Updates

I received a call from our Social Worker today.

We are going to be having our first appointment on Friday!!

She will be coming to our house for an inspection and an interview.

How exciting!!

We are offically on the roll for the adoption!!!

Now, we are just waiting on our financing.

God is so good!!

I can't wait until I hold our little one!!!

I am so looking forward to doing my first newborn photo session!

I took some pictures for my photography class that I am taking

I thought I would a share some of my favorites.

 He is too much and he is very excited about getting a baby brother or sister.

He says that he is really hoping for a sister-only 15 more days til we find out...

I am so glad to see how he is starting to share in the excitement!!

2 Lovely Comments:

Maggie said...

Oh my!! Congratulations on such wonderful news!! How exciting to add a new member to your family!!


kadie dahl said...

How fun are these pics? Looks like you have a little ham on your hands : ) I'm excited to find out if you're having a boy or girl too! I can't wait to have kids! Only a few more months!!!