Monday, April 25, 2011

Adoption Diaries April 25th...

We just received word that our closing for our loan is this Wednesday!!!

That means that by Monday the money should be available to start the legal

process and hire our two lawyers!!

And I heard word that the ultrasound pictures are being sent today...

Eeeeeee I can't wait to see them!!!

We also have our next meeting this Friday with our Home Study Worker

Get this..we are meeting at the Starbucks in Target-hahahha

Guess we will have to sacrifice and get a Carmel Frappe from them!

Sigh, the sacrifice's we have to make...hahaha

It has been an amazing three days {well, four now} since we found out the baby

is a girl-and we have seen the Lord provide for so much so far!!

We recently purchased a crib from a sweet lady for $25.00

and it's white-squeal-just what color I wanted it to be!

Then we found out that my parents found a car seat and a stroller for us;

my mom also has Lydia's changing table at her house

then a sweet lady in our church said that she had a set of crib sheets and bedding for us

and some girlie clothes....oh and we bought a few girlie clothes too-hahahha

I just couldn't help myself! {big grin}

God's amazing hand at work!!!!

I can't wait to turn around in five months and see all that God has provided for us!!

{I can't wait until five months!!  Then I get to hold my Lydia in my hands!! The

little girl that I have been praying for, for about four years}

God is just so Good!!!

And here is a picture of the Big Brother:

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Hearthandmade said...

that sounds wonderful! My fingers are firmly crossed for you ^_^

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