Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ten cents for a Photo Session?

I purchased a new toy to use with photography:
I am looking forward to practicing!!
I try to get some photo practice using my family. 
So I pay Boy Wonder 10 cents for 10 minutes
for a photo shot-if he does really well he gets 10 cents
if not then I get a free photo session
{hopefully with a few useable photos}

Here is peak at the 10 min that we spent doing photos yesterday:

I caught the ornery, funny, double eyebrowed smile!

And this one....

I really don't know or understand....
{big grin though}

Here is some of my assignments for Week 3

2 Lovely Comments:

The Clip Cafe said...

Nice! He is too cute. Love the rose shots.

Diane and Chad said...

love your photos...visiting from the blog hop...feel free to visit back: