Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am alive-I promise!

I am sorry for not posting in quite a long while!

I have been so busy with company coming over last weekend to spend the night

{they are coming back today}

I have also had a few different assignments that need finished for my classes I am teaching.

I am so thankful for the days that have passed by.

I have truly enjoyed my Boy Wonder and his "new" sense of humor!

His smile just melts my heart everytime I see those dimples!

He has this new thing he does after he brushes his teeth

He comes down and smiles and makes a "shwing-shwing" noise.

It is because his teeth are so brite and clean

he is blinding us with there luminous


Where he got this from I don't know

I think that he thinks these things up over night...

He is so silly!

I love my Boy Wonder that is for sure!!

And his nickname does fit him so well.....the boy that we wonder about


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