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Tutorial Tuesday Guest Post from The Best of Momma Chef

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Now, I would like
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Tutorial Tuesday:
She has some fabulous recipes over on her blog.

This is her first sewing tutorial EVER!!! 
I am so excited;

we are the first people that she

has shared this with!!

We are so special aren't we?
{*wink wink*}

Thank you once again Sheena for sharing this!

 January... time to start working on taxes.  Every year at this time, I think to myself.... "WHY DID I NOT KEEP BETTER TRACK OF THINGS!!!???"  This year I just added another New Year's Resolution!  I am going to do better at keeping receipts and track of my mileage for business & charity things.

Did you know: 

-Tithing you pay at church is tax deducible?

-Your mileage to and from paying tithing and to charity events such as church planning meetings, visiting teaching,  goodwill donations, etc or tax deducible?

-hobbies are tax deducible? As well as mileage to and from getting craft supplies!!!!!???

Now, I am not a tax professional, but I heard these things from my tax professional.  

To keep better track of my HOBBY EXPENSES, CHARITY DONATIONS, and BUSINESS EXPENSES.... I created a receipt clutch and it fits a mini journal for me to write down mileage!!!

Receipt and Record Clutch

This is my first "non baking" tutorial, so don't judge!

I am not a professional seamstress.  I got this cute fabric from Dana at Saturday Mornings.  Thanks Dana, and as I promised... here is what I made:

1/2 yard of 2 different fabrics

small chunk of interfacing or thick fabric


sewing machine

hot glue glue

needle and thread


fabric scissors or rotatory cutter & mat

Choose what fabric you want for the outside of the clutch and for the pocket dividers. Cut an 8 by 12 1/2 and an 8 by 16.

Cut a piece for the inside of the clutch that is 8 by 12 1/2.  If you are using interfacing cut a piece 8x12 1/2 and iron on to backing of the inside fabric, or cut a piece of thick fabric to use instead (8 by 12 1/2), like me, if you are giggity ghetto you have no interfacing.

PS. We are talking inches here.

See all my 8 by 12 1/2 inch pieces?

Ruffle: Then cut a strip that is 3 1/2 inches by 19 inches.  Use what ever fabric you want your ruffle to be.

Sew the right sides together hotdog style to create a tube. 

Attach a clothes pin to help turn the tube inside out.

Shovel the pin thru as so. And ta da, a tube.  Now iron it.  I like to iron the tube with the seam in the middle.  Then sew the tube onto the front of the clutch fabric however you like.  I made a ruffly thing that went 3/4 across.  See here for a ruffle tutorial.

Lay the material that will be the inside of the clutch on top of the outer piece with ruffle.  Right sides together. Pin together and sew around the edges with a 1/4 inch seam.  Leave about a 4 inch opening on one of the long sides to be able to flip the clutch inside out.  See the opening I left? 

Also snip the corners to make for nicer corners when you flip it inside out. See?

Flip inside out and press!!!  I trick I use... I get a pen or pencil and poke it into the opening and into the corners to get them to turn all the way out.

Next, remember the 8 by 16 inch piece you cut?  Fold it hamburger style with right sides together and sew to create a giant tube. See?

Next, press the tube flat, then fold in half again and press so you get what I have below.  This will be your pocket dividers.

Lay your divider on the clutch and cut off any extra on the sides, be careful not to cut your clutch!!!!

Place divider on the clutch where ever you want it to be.  I placed it so that the bottom of the clutch will fold up and the top with fold down but that the top piece will be a tiny bit shorter.  You want the bottom to fold up and be even with the dividers. See below:

Pin the bottom flip in place and stitch from one bottom corner, all the way around to the other bottom corner, with a 1/4 inch stitch.

I made a little rosette and hand stitched it onto the front.  GO HERE to see where I learned to make the rosette.

Now, go organizer your receipts in your new clutch!!!

SO how'd I do on my first sewing tutorial???

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