Thursday, February 10, 2011

Country Buffet Valentines Deal & A Day In the Mouth Of Caleb

Have you been married for 50 or more years?
Buffet Inc. has a deal for you!!
See Image below!!
If you know someone who has been married that long or longer
be sure to spread the word so that they can
enjoy two meals for the price of one...
I am sure they will thank you for it!

A Day in the Mouth of Caleb Presents:

Caleb: Mommy, do you know that your plan isn't going to work?
Me: What do you mean?
Caleb: Well, my teacher said {of course here I know I am in for an interesting fact} that it isn't good to wear your clothes two days in a row?
Me: Okay...and
Caleb: Well, you make me wear my pj's more than once!  That isn't a good plan.
Me: {chuckling to myself} Well, your teacher doesn't have to do your laundry either, and it doesn't hurt to wear your pj's more than once.  Trust me.
Caleb: Are you sure?
Me: When it changes I will be sure to tell you.

My thoughts:


those "little people" clothes

 take a long time to fold!!

Why would I want twice the work?

I already have more

laundry from

Boy Wonder

than what I have from us two adults!

Add seven pairs of Pj's to the mix


we have ourselves a

 PJ Monster

on our hands!!

So, what are your thoughts?

1 Lovely Comments:

Anonymous said...

Sadly enough, we don't have 7 pairs of PJs.

But I concur-- wear 'em several days! I won't tell if you won't!