Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday and ?/365

It seems to me that keeping track of my days for my photos is a struggle...
So with my theme of no stress this year
I am going to just post photos without a number.
It is only a number right?
The whole goal of 365 pictures is to challenge you to pick up your
camera and take pictures everyday
I am not counting my photos anymore
{this might be good anyways since I tend to take a gazillion of photos of one item!}
I will just post them.
Sound fair enough?
With that being said; off to post Wordless Wednesday.....
Sunday Morning I woke up to find
an amazing display of frost on my window!
When I looked out I was speechless at the intricate detail in the frost.
I knew that God had put it there just for me; I stood in awe of His handiwork.
So after staring at my window for 10 min
I took my camera and started clicking away.
It was amazing to go from this view:

To this view:
AMAZING.....isn't it?!
Then I added a verse to this next one:

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

5 Lovely Comments:

Christine said...

Hi, I'm visiting from Scripture and a Snapshot. I love your frost photos. I have yet to take one of these--why, I don't know! I certainly am surrounded by it.

God's handiwork is amazing. :)


Susan said...

Awesome pictures!

MarieElizabeth said...

Just stunning! I support your lack of numbers, and look forward to the photos. :)

{LyndsD} said...

What a fantastic capture and the verse... WOW! Such a great pairing... and I agree with MarieElizabeth a lack of numbers is good. :) What a beautiful sight to have woken up to. God Bless! His breath and hands are breathtakingly beautiful!

Ann said...

Wow--amazing photos! LOVE the one with the verse!