Wednesday, January 12, 2011

6/356-I missed the Smiles deadline...

{here is my photo for my Unwordless Wordless Wednesday}
I heart faces was having a challenge called smile;
unfortunately I missed the cut off.
This is okay because I probably wouldn't have made the winners circle;
I have plenty to learn before I win a feature on that site!
I was working on a photo of
-you guessed it-
my niece I think you will enjoy it-tell me what you think:

Here is the AFTER
before the before
I wanted a warm feeling with the photo-I will have to go back and just edit it to get the
exposure right...another day another time

Before editing SOOC
{Straight out of camera}
A smile that would warm even the coldest heart....

Have a warm night-it is snowing here-the beautiful white and fluffy kind.
I even got my *winter's kiss*
we got to have a "date night" this evening
thanks to my wonderful in-laws.

Well, I am gonna say good night and I hope all of you have a wonderful rest!

1 Lovely Comments:

Marci said...

Such a cute shot, what a great little model! I LOVE the heart bokeh :)