Wednesday, January 19, 2011

13/365 ♥ Wordish Wednesday♥

I figured out how to do a clip on tie!!!  I searched and searced on the internet to find someone telling me how to do it-forget about it-no luck-so I bit the bullet and tryed it out for myself...
Well, I had sucess!!  Remember the tie that I made Boy Wonder?
Well because of his growth {crazy growth!}  it is too short for his tall torso.
So I made it into a clip on!!
Just took the hardware from another clip on and put the new one on!
I am so excited about this!I will count this as my wordish wednesday photo as well as my 365 challenge.

{In the photo: another tie he had that I into a clip on;
and my "new" favorite candle-Wood Wick!}

Thomas-what more could the boy ask for?
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