Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Scarlet Fever and Step Throat? How about that?!

Well, Boy Wonder is sick with a captiol S-and a I- and a C- and  a K!  He has Strep throat and Scarlet fever.  The meds his doctor gave him seem to have an adverse reaction to him as well-his ears and face are swelling somewhat-I would rather not disclose too much info-but we know what signs to look for if the reaction gets severe.  He had a terrible episode about a year ago-poor thing-he swelled up-got splotches all over-fever-and he cried if you touched him he hurt that bad.  He just sat there and didn't move-we had to carry him everywhere.  It was enough to break my poor heart.  So now we hopefully wont have to deal with that again-I enjoy the extra snuggling I get but hate to see him in pain and not feel well. 

I also pray that Hubby don't get it as well-he is preaching on Sunday.  I am suppose to be singing on Sunday as well.  Not sure how that is gonna work since I still have my bass voice right now.  Oh, well-it will be what it will be-worse case senerio I will do a piano special....  I hope everyone has a wonderful day today-enjoy your day!  It may be the last one you will have...we never know when the Lord will call us home.  Cherish the Moment.

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