Monday, November 22, 2010


Yup It's Monday! 
Here are a few Highlights for me from last week:

I received a whole bunch of goodies in the mail!!  I got my shipment of Snapware{can't wait to share these with you!} It is just as good as the picture looks!!  This is such a nice feeling product- sigh-here I go jumping in to give you a review-I will save that for later:)

I also received 72 Bic Markers- my autographed book that I won in a giveaway..I think I received a few other things-just can't remember. It's been a long week and my cold has taken a toll on my brain : )

Oh-I won another giveaway; $15 for Eco Mom!  I really like these giveaways!!

I also finished quite a bit of work over the weekend-this brings me great relief-especially with Thanksgiving approaching so quickly.

I still am a little bit sick-earache-coughing-phlemy {not sure that is a word-but it will work}-tired....but hopefully I will be over this very shortly!

I finished a few sewing projects-not everything I need to get done-but it is something!

Caleb read a few words for the first time!  Whooo hooo [now stop growing up!]  This little boy is growing up way too quick!

A friend blessed us with a turkey-and I barely had enough room to fit it in my freezer {this is a good thing} I got it to fit-had to rearrange some things but I got it done.

School play went superb!!  And it seems the kids are taking to me really well-I really enjoyed it!  I really am enjoying being the Music Teacher for the Elementary and {"part time"} Middle School! 

All the Christmas gifts arrived-no worries about things getting here in time:)  Of course if you read my post earlier last week, you know what has happened with those said gifts..ahahhahahahaha; we are so bad!  Just can't take it!
Umm...well guess that is somewhat of a wrap up of how my week was last week-lots to be thankful for!

Now off to school to teach my kids : )

Have a wonderful day and be sure to join in the Giveaway!! 

This fabric bundle is so nice!!  Trust me-I like mine so much and can't wait to craft with it!!!

Happy Monday to you!!!  Extra Entry for you if you are reading this-go to the Giveaway post and leave a comment telling me what you are thankful for today this lovely Monday.
 {If you leave a comment here it will not count towards the giveaway-just easier to keep it all in one spot.}

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