Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Fabric?

I am so excited
There is a lady who had a sewing business out of her home
and she is getting rid of her fabrics and items from sewing
I am going to meet her today to look over the items
I really hope that she has a reasonable set of prices
it is second hand fabric
but around here people think that they should get top dollar
for their "used" that is why I don't garage sale to much around here.

People want more than what their junk is worth..hahahahaha.

I can't wait to see what the Lord is gonna bless me with...
now we all know that I NEED more fabric
See I think there is some empty holes in there
 I think there is some
maybe not.....
but who couldn't use more fabric?

Course I tend to run on the phrase:
"Just buy the fabric and ask questions later"

Course, maybe I am not the only one that has their own private
and this is not all the picture of my stash-just a few ; )

and hopefully I will get a steal of a deal later on tonight:)

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