Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Morning!!

It is a lovely Saturday Morning
{at least I am sure that it will be}
I like Saturday's
because it is
my day to catch up from the week.
I have two purses to finish by December
two valances to have done for a customer..
yadada yadada
and so many umpteen million other things to do
I am so thankful that I have the ability to do
what I do!
The Lord is good-and He share some beautiful sky with me yesterday
Just gorgeous; here are a few other photos
{straight out of camera}

Oh, We had so much fun
"window shopping"
I think it is a new favorite!!
I did get something-I will have to share it later!

It is such a cool store!
Of course Friday was a long day and we didn't get home until 10:30
and now I am here at 1:26a.m.
writing a post to share with you.....
ought to get to bed-hate to punish myself
but I think I will set the alarm for at least 7
so that I will be tired enough for bed today
and then I will be well prepared
for church on Sunday:)

Subtle, but I really like this photo and how it turned out 
Course, I had to cheat....
Boy Wonder reached up
and grabbed the leaf off the tree as I was going to take a picture.....
I sure wasn't too happy-and he was sorry
enter long *SIGH* here
{poor kid-was just trying to help fall happen quicker}
but I stuck it back up there
trying my best to get it to stick on the little bit that was left of its stem
finally I got it to stick
I was prepared if it didn't
I would of been grabbing me a stick of gum and started chewing.....
 anything to make it stick!

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