Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Need your help with ideas....

Okay so October 15th

is our 8th year anniversary since my

dear wonderful Hubby proposed to me

I would love to do something special for this day

I know-I am one of those "romantic at heart" type of person

{I can hear some of you gagging}

but it was a day that changed my life forever

It changed more than anyone else

will ever know

I want it to be special

Any Ideas?

Hopefully this will not be the week he checks out my blog to see what I am up too.....

My luck it will be-hehehehe

1 Lovely Comments:

Anonymous said...

I pray you had a wonderful Anniversary. I too am a romantic at heart. Our 10th Anniversary will be on Nov. 18th

It is nice to see other IFB sisters here on the web!

God Bless!