Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CSN Review TBA

Since Greg and I have been looking to replacing our carpets-we have found the perfect couch and love seat for our living room!!  Greg's favorite thing about our current set up is our end tables.  He said that he wishes we could find one more to match our set.  He is so adorable-so now with our search for the right color of carpet-we are watching for a match to our end tables that we have:)
 In the mean time take a look at these photos-aren't these end tables so cute?!!  And they come in different colors!!!  Wow oh wow!!

And remember this lovely store CSN?  They are so wonderful-and have contacted me to do a review for an item in their online "stores"-yes you heard me correct I said it  in plural-they have 200+ stores linked to one site!!!!  This is incredible; another thing that is incredible is that a lot of their items ship for free!!!  I know free- it is my favorite word-you really have to go check them out!!!!

Until then-I am looking forward to doing some business with them-to see how functional they are-can't wait to post my review with you!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

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Rachel R. said...

Those tables look like they have a lot of storage! I'm a new follower and entered your giveaway.

Feel free to follow me back :)