Sunday, October 17, 2010

ACME RUN 10-8 through 10-14

I got too much food this week and would love to post pictures but there is too much to take pictures.  But here is the run down on what I got and the cost that I paid out of pocket:

70-cans of Hunts Spagetti Sauce{forgot this one on my facebook post-oops}
104-cans of Healthy Chioce

9-bottles of Wesson Oil

6-cans of water chestnuts

8-bottles of Internation Delight creamer

2-loaves of bread

7-jars of smuckers jelly

4-bottles of vitamins

1-capri sun

16- boxes of 3pk Orville popcorn

8-pkgs of Hebrew national hotdogs

1-pizza dough

1-Bakery Cake

1-box of spiced wafers
RETAIL:  $684.50
with a 10 dollar catalina to still spend:)

3 Lovely Comments:

Charlene Canfield said...

Oh my goodness. How in this world did you do that? That is awesome!

Happy Homemaker And Momma said...

It would take a long time to explain but I used sales and coupons:)

Anonymous said...

hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o: