Monday, September 6, 2010

♥Our Anniversary Day♥

We had a fun 7th Anniversary today.
We made a campfire and played with sparklers.

Needless to say-we enjoyed the Sparklers:)

This is Caleb playing with his sparkler
He was spinning around and around....
This poor guy had 3 Mid-Life Crisis' today.....

Break Down #1
The first one he was getting ready for us to go out-he had mastered getting buttons in the holes.  I told him that it was so sad that he was growing up so much..and he told me that it would be okay he would come and visit me at my house; and then I kinda got tears in my eyes.  He looked up and saw them and then he worked on getting his last button done.  All of a sudden he broke down crying.  I asked him what was wrong:  "But Mommy!  I'm not gonna be able tosee and kiss you every night..." he finally was sobbing-I did my best to calm him down and tell him it would be okay and that he had a while before he needed to worry about it.
Break Down #2
Then later on he broke down in tears when he was praying..."And Lord help my mommy and daddy when I get big and I am (*sob*) no longer at their house..Amen..."  Talk number two-he didn't have to worry he had a long time before he left our house.  He would be in school for 13 years..."Aw man!!  I was thinking only 3 years!" was his reply; hehehe-he is so funny!
Break down #3
He wanted to pray again..." Lord help my Mommy to not forget about me and that I will be able to get her that cup of water that she will need so that she will remember about me."  Had to explain that because he was going to school didn't mean that I would forget all about him.

This really gave us a look at what anxiety he is "secretly" dealing with right now-he is really excited about starting school-but apprehensive and nervous about being away from us. I keep telling him that all will be okay-I will be there teaching both days and I will pick him up on Tuesday...if you think about him-could you pray for him that his little heart will be peaceful and calm?.  Thank you!

We had our Bible time around the fire tonight-it was so nice and peaceful-we didn't even have a train go by while we were reading!! That is amazing!

Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet, And A Light Unto My Path!!Psalm 119:105

We had a wonderful time celebrating our seven years of marriage....Caleb asked this morning if he was gonna have to get all dressed up in his suit since it was our Anniversary-he is so funny!!

Thank you Lord so much!!!!

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