Friday, September 3, 2010

Shopping at Midnight:)

I had an unexpected trip to Giant....
Since Misty had her surgery we needed
Yesterday's News for her litter box-so at 10:30p.m. we were looking for a store that was 24 hours or at least open until 12:00a.m.
Giant was one of these stores that as open 24 hours:)
So they were my choice-I checked their circular to see if anything we needed was on sale.
Lo and behold they had a couple of deals that I was so happy to have found.

First off I happened across coupons for $5.00 off any 5 Kraft Cheese
and Giant was having a deal of spend
$20 on Kraft items get $5.00 off of your total purchase
so off I went to get "Yesterday's News" and some groceries.
Oh, and I found a new favorite!! is so good!!Yum Yum!!

My totals were $72.39 retail price
I paid $24.80..once again not to shabby...But for sure the Lord is good!!!

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