Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please Help Me In Helping You....

I am just like you
I like to save money
and love it
when other people share coupons,
deals and secret savings.....
especially when I get something

So now I turn to you and ask for a little help....
So what is it that I would like?

I would like some feedback.
I would like to know what stores you shop including online shopping...
So that when I see a good deal I can pass along the savings!
I also will know what interests you
so that when I look for deals
I don't post something that nobody is interested in.

See this post is all about
my dear followers
because without you
I probably would of hung up my
"virtual apron"
on a peg and stopped blogging awhile ago.

♥  T H A N K  Y O U !  ♥

So if you wouldn't mind
can you leave a comment below
telling me what you are interested in?
If you are seeing this on facebook,
 please hop over to my blog
and leave a comment there.
It makes it much easier to keep everything localized in one place

Thank You!!

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