Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Got My IRON!!!!!

Well, the Lord is just too good to me!!!

Remember I needed a new iron-because mine was so CrAzY slow....

Well, good ol' JOANN FABRIC'S

didn't let me down...

They had this one waiting for me:



Retails for $75.00!!! 

I only  paid....oh sorry.....I am getting ahead of all went like this:

I had asked Greg if he wouldn't mind stopping at Joann's and maybe

we could check their prices and sales on the Rowenta brand

( I had heard some good news about them and I really wanted to get one)

So we stopped and I kinda jokingly and seriously stated that maybe they would have what I was looking for

in their damaged pile...hahahahha-like they are going to have a Rowenta in their damaged pile!

Not to mention-if it was there it probably would be seriously DAMAGED....

But-I went back to the damaged isle-hopeful : )

I looked on the first shelf-NOTHING...SIGH

Looked on the second shelf- again NOTHING a big zilch.....

Then came my silent prayer:

"Please Lord, let them have an iron just for me and it works"

Looked on the third shelf-and would you believe it!!!

There it was-staring me in the face!!!

A Rowenta Iron!!!!

I was so excited that I started to shout for Greg who was in another isle.

He came around the corner kinda shushing me.

"It's here, it's here-didn't I tell you...."  I said in a slightly quieter tone.

I had such a big grin on my face!!!

The next thing was to find an outlet so that I could plug it in to see if it heated up.

We found one and it heated up so nicely!!

I was so excited so getting back to the price I paid for the $75.00 Rowenta Iron.....

I paid around $19.00 for it : )!!!!!!!!!

Like I had said before the Lord is just too good!!!

I took it home and it works so wonderfully!!! 

I even have a year warranty to boot!!!

I am so Grateful!!!

I even purchased a few other things that day:

This one is a secret:  RETAIL: $9.50  I Paid Nothing!! It was FREE!!!

Sunglasses: RETAIL: $28.00 I Paid: .40 cents!!!

3 Flashlights:  RETAIL: $11.97  I Paid Nothing-Free again : )

I think this is it so all in all my totals were:

RETAIL: $124.47

Out Of Pocket: $19.40

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