Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Final Alteration-Sizable Waist!! First Pair D-O-N-E!!!!!!

Woo Hooo!!!!  I made my first alteration for making a sizable waist on Sunday.  You know the elastic waists that are in some of younger children's clothing?  Well, I am  a personal seamstress to a dear friend-and she was wondering if I could make a pair of uniform pants for school into a "sizable" size-so that her younger son would be able to wear them when he gets old enough for school-so I said sure I would give it a go....

All in all I am very excited about it and I think it turned out well-course I will check with her to see if this is what she wants-before I do the other pair : )
UPDATE: She seemed to really like it : )

I am just so excited that these turned out well!!!  Especially with no help from the internet!!  As far as I could find there wasn't a single tutorial on how to make a sizable waist-can you believe it?!!!  So I did it all on my own : )!
Here is a picture of the
Up Close : )

Is anyone interested in a tutorial in learning how to make this?  If so please leave me a comment....:)

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Robyn said...

Thanks for following and entering my Simulated Diamond Earring giveaway. Best wi.shes to you!!

I'm now following you as well on GFC.


Happy Homemaker And Momma said...

Thank you Robyn!