Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Do Something Special For My Family Day

Today we made a lot of things-I spend a lot of time helping others that I took today off to help show my family how much I love them:
Caleb and I
Made Peanut Butter Chip Peanut Butter Cookies-so very good!!
Greg said that it was the best he had ever tasted:)
Thumbs up for me-cuz this is the first time I ever made them:)
Boy Wonder....
He helped until he got bored...
I was on a roll so I also made homemade pretzel dough
 and homemade tortilla dough
of course you have to have meat for your tacos too:)
so I browned up a pound of ground beef
It was hot outside and very hot in my kitchen-but my family deserved this:)

And I couldn't find my soap to wash my dishes...then I opened up the cupboard.....duh!!!

Here is the Pretzels all finished:

My family had a wonderful all homemade and homecooked meal-it was so nice:)
My total homemade list for the day is:
#1. One pound of ground beef made two crock pots full of yummy stuffing for my tacos
#2.  Crust for a chicken pot pie
#3.Pretzels for family
#4Iced Tea:) (The Good Kind-for those in the Cole Family)
#5. Dough for homemade tortillas
#6. Two batches of PB cookies
#7. Heart biscuits
#8.Two chicken breast for the ingredients inside the pot pie
#9 Four other chicken breast for a meal later on
#10Cornbread like Chi Chi's- I made up my own recipe for this one:)
(Dear Mom Cole-if you would like this recipe just send me an email and I will send it too you-since you like the Chi-Chi's cornbread so much:)
#11. Vegt to go with tonight's dinner

So all in all it has been a very productive made by me on Wednesday for my Wonderful Family.

So one pound of beef can go a long ways-you just have to know how to divide it up....I will probably get 6 meals to feed my family of 3 on from the taco stuffing:)
And 2 chicken breast will give us probably 4-5 meals.
We also have the 4 other chicken I cut up and put in the freezer-one of them will end up being soup-the others I am not sure-but I "rubber" chicken them all the time-you can feed your family well and with less-to help make your money go further.  Any questions? feel free to ask-if your interested in some recipes that I used I would be glad to share them-just leave a comment telling me what you would like:)

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