Thursday, September 16, 2010

As Promised My You Paid What?! For This Week...

These groups of  pictures are my recent trips to the stores.

Retail Price Comes To:
Out of Pocket(or OOP) Expense Comes To:
but I have $20.00 I got back in Catalina's so...
 $5.43 "OOP"
10pkgs Kraft Cheese
6 pkgs of Olivio Butter 2pks(total of 12 tubs)
7 pkgs of bacon
3 cartons of brown eggs
1 pkg of bounty paper towels
2 circus peanuts
1 pkg of capri sun

14 pkgs of boneless breaded chicken breast

2- Alive Multi-vitamin(only one pictured)
1- seat (not pictured)
1-Can cooler (NP)
1-alum. thermos (NP)
2- pinwheels
3-pairs of sandals
1-set of gloves for Boy Wonder
1-Garden Set for Dirt Box (For Boy Wonder)
1-Cooler cup-put in the freezer
1-Viologie Conditioner for me

I have two Extra Care Dollars for 9.99 each & $20.00 in Catalina's for Pathmark.
All in all it was a pretty good trip: )
So as promised I posted-sorry for the delay there is so much going on around here-I barely have time to get on here.  Enjoy your weekend-and your sales!

Linky for You Paid What?!  will be up on Monday-see you then and I can't wait to see and say YOU PAID WHAT?!

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