Friday, August 6, 2010

WOW!!!! 1,005 hits on my blog!!! I can't believe it!!!

Thank you so much for those who keep an eye on me-or at least stop by to see my latest musings:)
Here is my beautiful family : )
My boy and I had a wonderful day today!!!  We spent time with some friends-Thank you Tuckers!!!  And then we went to Toy's R Us to spend his $3.00 giftcard that the Toy's R Us Co. sent for his birthday.  We went out to lunch-just the two of us.  Yummy Chick-fil-a!!!  Of course if you ask Caleb what this place is called he will tell you "Triple A".  He is so funny!!  It was just so much fun!!  So I figured for the marking of hitting 1,000 views on my blog I would post about My Boy Wonder.
And I want to thank you for your readership!!  I am hoping that by the end of the year to have over 50 followers-and see if we can't do a giveaway or two-we will see.  If you have any idea's or topics you would like to see just leave me a comment-I would be very glad to hear it!!!  Until then....

Enjoying the Blessings God gave me!

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