Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day in the Mouth of Caleb:

Today we were driving home and came up to a stoplight. I hear Caleb start to whisper beside me...
"Mr. Ice cream Man-I am sorry but I don't have enough monnies to buy any ice cream today..I am so sorry."
I looked over at him to see who he was talking to. I saw that we were pulled up beside a ice cream truck. The nice driver was smiling (it almost seemed like he knew what he said)and he waved back to Caleb. It was so cute:)

During our Family Devotions Tonight:

Caleb:"I know what one of the plagues was in the Bible towards the Egyptians. They had oils everywhere...all over there body."
Me: "Do you mean boils?"
Caleb: "Oh....yes boils they had boils everywhere." :)

A lady at church asked Caleb how his cat was doing.....
Caleb "She's doing okay-but she's not good. She tried to bite me when I kept her in my room."
The Lady: "Did you bite her back?"
Caleb: "No, that wouldn't be a good thing! You would get a lot in your mouth"

With that of course I had to ask: "How would you know that?"

He looks at me like I should know this; "Because she has lots of hair on her back!!!" He could of added a DUH to me,at least that is what his face looked like. I just wasnt't sure if maybe he had tried it and learned the lesson quickly:)

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