Friday, June 18, 2010

Picture Takn' Thursday:)

Caleb found some old train track rails to balance on...

Silly ducks were not afraid of anything...came right up to us

Little bit of photo fun: first is normal, next is orange accent, then yellow...

My Cutie Pie:)
Scenery-with my favorite subject in the second one;)

If you have sticks, rocks and water...the boy is happy:)

You have to admit my boy is obedient most of the time...I told him to put his hands up and this is what I got:
I then corrected what I meant by that:)
Such a beautiful peice of ground Newline Grist Mill:
He had fun throwing rocks while I had fun taking photos:) Then we went to Acme to buy 69 packages of Hebrew brand (these are 6.49 a piece not on sale!!!)hot dogs, 30 snack hunts pudding packs, 3 whole wheat hot dog buns, 2 (yucky) white hot dog buns for the boys, 26 boxes of orville popcorn, 2 containers of clorox bleach, 12 ketchup's, I think that is it....for purchase price of $61.90 probably $700 dollars worth of groceries for cheap;) The Lord is so good.....of course at Acme there at Granit Run there were a few issues but that is okay...I will deal or get an even better deal somewhere else not to mention at a friendlier store....tact people that is what it takes to run a good people friendly business...tact-hmmm--I think a lot of folks do not remember what this is anymore.
Caleb and I had a wonderful day today for sure---he even remembered to pick up his dirty laundry without me asking him too!!!!That is one for the books!!!
Oh-I already posted this saying from Caleb on facebook-but some of you are not linked there so I wouldn't want you to miss out on a good laugh so here it is:

Caleb: "I figured out why they call it Toys R Us-they have so many toys and I am sure that there are bad people who steal toys and get arrested and have to go to jail.....that is why they call it Toys Arrest".......this is because he pronounces Toys R Us as Toys Arrest:)

Hope you enjoyed a good laugh from our little funny farm over here in Philly. I hope you have a wonderful day:)

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