Friday, May 21, 2010

More Pictures-Enjoy:)

****Peek-a-boo..silly boy!!!This was at the Chinese Buffet-that Greg surprised us and took us to for lunch*****

****Last week--helping daddy mow the lawn-this is not our lawn(neighbors lawn actually) it is the pathway in back--they have to walk around to get to our front lawn*****

***Yes he is doing what you think he is doing...silly boy-He likes to sandwich himself inbetweent both closed doors...he fits very well:)*****

****My most recent Thank You Card **The picture I took of the inside was all blurry so I figured I wouldn't put it on here*****

***Pictures we took Yesterday(5/20/10) The First one is great if it wasn't for the sun's glare****

****Caleb's Bible that Miss Vicky got for him-for completing Cubbies**I wish I had the picture that she took of him holding it-he was so excited***
Until Later....

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