Friday, March 26, 2010

Grocery Shopping and the Deals:)

My totals for shopping are:
266 Jose Ole Chimichangas
6 edy's ice cream
2 arthurs whole wheat flour-I really needed these! I make homemade whole wheat flour tortillas (these are really expensive over here$5.50-$6.00!!)
1 big bottle of flax seeds
8 Mc Cormick taco seasonings
3 American express cards
1 plush bunny(free when you buy 3 cards)
2-200 calorie digornio pizzas
1-breyers yogurt
5 capri suns
2 tostitoes
1 tostitoes dip
1 kashi cracker
2 kraft cheese:)

The lump total would of been $640.30 but I paid: $13.32 and I have Mail in rebate so basically "they paid" me $27.00 to take all the stuff off of their hands:) The Lord is just too Good to me!!!!He always blesses me beyond measure!!!!I barely fit everything in my freezer!! Praise the LORD-it did all fit-just barely!!! I was worried trying to cram all those chimi's in the freezers-I have two and a half freezers-and they are just stocked to the brim-all with the Lord's help of course:) Without Him I can't do anything. He is my all in all!

Of course in all the excitement I forgot somethings that I needed-2 $1.00 salad, 2 $1.00 mushrooms,2 $1.00 carrots...guess I will be purchasing them somewhere else-sigh-haste and excitement sometimes creates waste....but the Lord will give me a good deal somewhere else I am sure of it:)

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